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Saarte Geopark is located in the Estonian Republic. Geopark territory begins from Hanila Parish in Lääne County and continues on the islands of Muhu and Saaremaa. Main part of the Saarte Geopark is located in the Saare County.


There are lots of transport possibilities for travelling to Saarte Geopark: by car, by bus, by ferry-boat, by cruise-ship, by airplane, by bicycle or by motorcycle.

Before arriving to Saaremaa, where the majority of the Saarte Geopark territory is located, the visitor has opportunity to get familiarized with the part of the Saarte Geopark that is located on the mainland, on Hanila Parish.

To the main part of the Saarte Geopark there is possible to come by car or by bus and ferry-boat and by airplane.


Visitors travelling by car and by bus have to get to Virtsu harbor to surpass the Suur Väin (e.g. Great Strait) and to arrive to Kuivastu harbor on Muhu island. Information about ferry-boats Information about busses

Visitors travelling by airplane are arriving to Kuressaare Airport where it is possible to continue their trip by bus, by taxi or by rental car. Flight information:

By boat or by yaht it is possible to come straight to Kuivastu, Roomassaare or Saaremaa harbor. There are several smaller harbors in the area.

There is ferry-boat connection also with the neighbouring island Hiiumaa:

From the Roomassaare harbor a small ferry-boat keeps connection with both Abruka and Ruhnu islands.



Our address

Centre of the Saarte Geopark, Kaali Visitor Centre, Kaali Village, 94102 Pihtla Parish, Saare County, Estonia

+372 452 0561


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Eveli Jürisson

Development Manager