European Geopark Network

With its acitivities Saarte Geopark has set as one of the main goals to join the European Geopark Network and therefore also with the Global Geopark Network. As on the Island of Saaremaa unique Kaali Meteorite Crater Field even for Eurasia are located, Saarte Geopark has a good chance to join the European Geopark Network and therefore to get UNESCO sertificate..

An Application for the Membership of the European Geopark Network for the Saarte Geopark project

Saarte Geopark submitted Application for the membership and for UNESCO sertificate at the end of 2013. Hereby an Application with its all annexes can be downloaded:

Saarte Geopark Application
Annex 1 - Self-Evaluation document and its lists and details
Annex 2 - Geological Heritage
Annex 3 - Supporting Letters
Annex 4 - Additional information

Report on the deferred Application for Global Geopark Network for the Aspiring Saarte Geopark project

In July 2014 a 2-member delegation from the European Geopark Network and Global Geopark Network visited Saarte Geopark. Delegation got familiarized with the Saarte Geopar during their visit that lasted 3 days. At the end of July 2015 Saarte Geopark submitted report about Application and explained questions raised by the members of the Evalution Mission. Hereby the Report with its all annexes can be downloaded:

Report on deferred Application
Lisa 1 - Geological Heritage
Lisa 2 - Additional information
Lisa 3 - Letter of Confirmation and example of the Membership Agreement